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About RADAR?

Radar is Südtiroler Sparkasse's Open Innovation Programme that supports the bank's corporate customers in their business development.

3 reasons for participating at RADAR

Expand your Market

Take the opportunity to expand your target market in Trentino-Alto Adige and the entire North East of Italy.

Find new Customers

Grow your customer base by offering your solution to established companies that are interested in innovation.

Create new Value

As a start-up and strategic partner, you have the opportunity to validate and shape new solutions with leading companies.

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Feedback from our clients and start-ups...

For Energeius, the programmes are a wonderful opportunity. They offer the possibility to accelerate the development and implementation of an innovative idea, with more power, economic support and the tools to validate ideas.

Claudia Peroni

Co-Founder Energenius

I would like to thank RADAR because it has opened a great opportunity for us with a potential client where we believe we can add significant value. Moreover, we were able to share our idea with a considerable number of start-ups and also with a consolidated bank.

Joan Ortega Alcaide

CEO, YK-Robotics

We have to thank Sparkasse, especially LDV20, which made it possible for us to go this way. They accompanied us with great professionalism and commitment, and still do.

Jasmine Chini

R&D, Consorzio Melinda